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Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to Earn Money

Top 10 tips How to earn money

We all want to know how to earn money, lots of money for that matter. But 99% of those who earn money don't end up getting 'that' lot of money they had started out to earn. But there is hope 1% do get 'that' lot of money. So how do they do it. Is it very difficult that only 1% of the people get it?

You really want to know so here are the top 10 tips on how to earn money so that you can get 'that' lot of money:

  1. Find a person who knows How to earn Money:Find a person who has in his life started to earn right from the bottom and knows how to make money. Follow him, take the person's advice and do as he tells you. When you reach a  point when you can stand on your own, part ways. For if you remain with him you can never become big. Thank him for getting you there and then from there reach your goal by yourself. Do the same for others too. But be careful, always be on the right side of the law, if you find the person you are following is not then he is not the right person. Find another.
  2. Join the organization of a person who knows How to earn Money: If it is not possible for you to find and follow a person who has achieved the said target, join the organization made by him. Climb the hierarchy with the intention of being with that person (That would mean forgoing many cash and other incentives, but you can earn all that later) Once you are close enough to learn from that person, be with that person till you are confident that you can achieve what you want to then part ways. 
  3. Study people who knows How to Earn Money:If neither of the above are possible study the person who have reached there or you can study a group of people. Replicate what they did right and achieve your goal. This is not that easy because everything that the person did many not be mentioned in the studies. You will have to comprehend that on your own.
  4. Excel in one of the fields:If you study and work hard and excel in your field of knowledge, you will find that one or more of the people who have achieved it in life will be following you. When you reach that position, you can achieve your target on your conditions.
  5. Create something new that can create money:If you are smart enough to create something that can create money for others. You will find many people who have achieved it in life wanting to buy it from you. It would then be your decision to sell it or rent it or find a way how to achieve what you want to achieve in life.
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  7. Become a crowd puller:If you become famous by any or all of your skills many people who have achieved it will be after you. You can then decide if you want to promote them, partner with them, endorse them or achieve what you want in the way you want it.
  8. Get into Business:Start a business of your own and steer it through the path of economy made by somebody else or make a new path of economy yourself. Soon you will find that you have achieved what you were looking for.
  9. Take over somebody's falling business:If you find a person who is now too old or has become weak to handle his business then take over that business and run it with your new strength, energy and ideas and take it to new heights. This way not only the old businessman will be happy but you will also achieve your goal in life.
  10. Find a doing any of the above an follow himSeek for a person who is into doing any one of the above and follow him it is most probable that you too will reach were that person would reach. After a certain time when you are confident part ways and do things on your own.
  11. Do it on your own: If you are confident enough and have the guts in you to achieve what you want on your own, then go ahead and do it. Once you achieve it you will find many people following you.

So it is up to you how to earn money, lot of money. Make it the intention of your life to learn How to earn Money. Before reaching that point you will get one question in your mind frequently that is "Why earn money?". If 'achieving your goal' is not a satisfactory and motivating answer to that question then you should have a suitable answer to that question everytime, it can be 'for my family', 'for myself', 'to make something', 'for somebody'. If you don't give a motivating answer to that question every time you will lose all in your effort of How to earn Money and never reach your goal.
So do you have it in you? Then who is stopping you. Go learn How to earn Money and then go out into the world and earn a lot of money!!!

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